Modernizing Teacher Training

An obvious, albeit radical approach to solving the teacher shortage crisis.

Nathan M. Galbreath

The teacher shortage and quality issues in America are complex and multi-faceted. To tackle these challenges, a proposed solution is for states, cities, or school districts to offer their own intensive teacher training programs. This program would be conceptually similar to the ones offered to police cadets and firemen, where prospective teachers would spend several months going through a paid training program.

This program would have several benefits. Firstly, it would help recruit people who have the natural skills and personality types that make them effective teachers. Secondly, it would ensure a more standardized level of quality for teachers, which is currently a challenge due to the teacher shortage caused by COVID. This will give schools, districts, and communities more control over who shapes the future of our children and society.

In addition, teachers will also benefit from this program. They will no longer be expected to spend four years at their own expense to learn outdated techniques that have almost no bearing on their success as a teacher. The program will also help teachers save money on becoming qualified, as they would not be required to pay for their own education to work in a traditionally low-paying and high-stress job. Moreover, teachers will have more flexibility in where they can work, what they can teach, and which age groups they may work with.

The intensive teacher training program will also serve as a vetting process to ensure that only those who are worthy of educating our children are allowed in the classroom. While there may be an initial cost to implement this program, it will have a massive return on investment for schools, teachers, districts, towns, cities, communities, states, and the country as a whole.

In conclusion, the intensive teacher training program is a practical and effective solution to the teacher shortage and quality issues in America. By providing prospective teachers with extensive training and support, we can ensure that our children receive the best education possible and that our teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.